Wildlife services

Your local partnership is well equipped with dedicated experts aiming to provide their skills to work with you to create, conserve and enhance Kent’s Landscape and wildlife. We have outlined below some typical areas of specialist help we can provide, but please do not hesitate to contact your local partnership for similar work.

  • Advise on grants for landowners
  • Provide advice and practical help to improve biodiversity
  • Biological recording
  • Raise awareness of and advise how to treat or remove species specific invasive plants

Biological recording provides information about what species are present on areas of land. The information is used to help people manage green spaces in a way which doesn’t harm animals and plants already there. It also helps measure whether management is being successful.

If you’re a landowner, local or statutory authority we can help you monitor wildlife on your land. Ways we can help include:

  • Water vole and otter surveys on waterways
  • Surveys for management plans
  • Farm environment plans
  • Protected species surveys
  • Meeting statutory obligations such as NERC Act

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